Tom Harris - Freelance SEO copywriter - Material Wonders

About me

I’m Tom, a copywriter based in Leek, UK. I write optimised copy with impact for small businesses and agencies – the content people and search algorithms like to read – and I’ve been copywriting for over 2 years. I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, from product copy, blog posts, messaging strategy, case studies, and more. 

About the industry

There are three long-standing problems that lead to ineffective copy. These are:

  1. Business owners who overlook the importance of how words and design impact behaviour.

  2. Writers who secretly feel it doesn’t really matter, and thus write superficial, generic copy.

  3. A distinct lack of ethical consideration.

If you’re #1, I urge you to observe why it is, you as a consumer, behave in certain ways – why it is one brand seemingly tastes better, looks better, and so forth.


To get words that trigger the correct anatomical brain regions, for example positive memories and feelings, is an art. It takes more than just cool words, boasting, or stating the obvious. You need to spark electricity where it matters, with the small window of opportunity you often have.

To achieve this, I focus on the bigger picture: the message, meaning, and impact behind the words and design. I use research, experience, and intuition to unify the abstract into one distinct and consistent context that hits all the right notes with your reader.

Ethical consumerism is a trend that will continue to grow. It’s vital for the well-being of the planet and those inhabiting it. The way I approach writing copy is to precisely inform readers in a persuasive way. Ambiguous statements designed to mislead consumers have cost businesses in the past, so accuracy is paramount. And I don’t write copy for products or services that have a proven negative psychological impact for users (i.e. gambling).

Copy that communicates the true value of your product, honestly, is the most persuasive message.